Hygiene concept for BDSM Studio of Domina Lady Patricia


My health and especially that of my clients is my top priority. Therefore, I focus on the following requirements to keep a high hygiene standard.


Existing measures to protect against infection:


1. Gloves are always worn during treatment, and changed and disposed of several times during treatment.

2. Only disposable products are used during treatment as a matter of principle.

3. Sterile medical equipment is part of my standard equipment. Working tools are additionally provided with disposable protective covers if applicable.

4. Reusable tools are correctly disinfected or sterilized.

5. All surfaces are thoroughly disinfected after each treatment.

6. Even during "normal business", I allow sufficient time between appointments to clean, ventilate and disinfect rooms, surfaces and materials.

7. Clients shower BEFORE and AFTER treatment. Shower gel, soap, shampoo, mouthwash and disinfectant are available for this purpose.

8. I work on a one on one appointment basis only and do not receive walk-ins.

9. Appointments can only be made in advance by phone with phone number or by email.

10. There will be sufficient time between appointments to ventilate rooms and clean and disinfect surfaces and contact areas.

11. Treatment surfaces are covered with a towel or clinical pads. Towels are washed at a minimum of 60 degrees with antibacterial detergent; clinical pads are discarded. For large area coverage, special practice wash fiber sheets are used, which are washed at 60 degrees after each treatment. In addition, flexible disposable covers in maxi size, e.g. for covering treatment furniture, are also available.

12. My work clothes are cleaned with special antibacterial detergents.

13. The stock of personal protective material, disinfectants, cleaning agents, gloves, masks, disposable materials and other necessary utensils is checked and replenished regularly. A stock is always ensured.



Session Contract and Legal Disclaimer for an Appointment at Private Studio Atelier Avantgarde – Lady Patricia


Conclusion of contract and service agreement for a session appointment


1.   Any information regarding client, preferences, indications of health inabilities or any further information should be expressed truthfully by the client in the preliminary talk.


2.   Any personal data and information is being treated highly confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd party at any time.


3.   The service is performed in the form of a “session“, providing to treat the client mentally and physically according to his wishes and previous indications of his preferences. This means the temporary fulfilment or satisfaction of existing deviations and fantasies by using suitable and available measures.


4.   To support the client in living out his/her respective deviations in BDSM is in focus of the treatment. The execution and duration of the treatments are subject to a joint agreement between client and Lady Patricia and are being performed with utmost care and respect to health and sanity according to the requests of the client.


5.   Any activities performed by Lady Patricia are only taking place with total consent of the client. His/her ideas and requests are being considered and taken seriously. Client demands considered inappropriate by Lady Patricia will not be performed and are to be discussed in the preliminary talks before the session starts.


Legal Disclaimer for a Session Appointment with Lady Patricia


1.   By consenting to this contract, the client confirms that Private Studio Atelier Avantgarde, represented by Lady Patricia, cannot be held liable for any damages or injuries of the client before, during or after a session. By entering the studio and using the services the client acknowledges that the services provided are at one's own risk at any time.


2.   During the preliminary talk, it is mandatory for the client to inform about his/her taboos as well as any corporal or physical impairment that could have an impact on him/her during the session and/or that needs to be regarded – if necessary – with extreme caution. These are for example: cardiac pacemaker, medicine taken in connection with cardiac function, joint injuries, epilepsy, allergies, HIV, hepatitis, wound healing dysfunction, blood clotting dysfunction, infectious and virus diseases, asthma, diabetes, traumata, ingestion of medicine like antibiotics, psychotropics, Viagra or blood diluters.  


3.   The client commits himself/herself to answer any questions regarding his/her persona, health status, previous experience in BDSM and sessions truthfully and extensively.


4.   The use of „Poppers“ or similar stimulants is neither accepted nor supported in the studio. So is the intake of alcohol or drugs, neither before nor during the client's stay at Private Studio Atelier Avantgarde.


5.   The client confirms that he/she is at least 18 years of age and fully contractually capable.