Strict Dominatrix and Fetish Goddess


Since I have discovered my dominant streak in my adolescence, I have been following this passion. I have been practising bdsm on professional level for over 18 years and established my own studio, the Atelier Avantgarde in Trier in 2010.

I am a dominatrix with multiple facets. One of my particular strenghts is the ability to transform into different characters. No matter if you are beginner, fetishist or extreme masochist - I welcome everyone as long as their fantasies inspire me to deep dive into their desires and take control of them.


My coolth and distance will evoke your passion to please me. I will reward your willingness to total devotion with an endless feeling of security. With time you will notice how these incomparable experiences will lift your personality to a higher level. 


"The only pain in pleasure is the pleasure of the pain."

(Anne Rice)

My Preferences

The below mentioned  preferences are only keywords. Entry gates to the countless variations in BDSM that I offer.


Since every person is a unique character, I never act according to a ready-made scheme. Therefore it is essential that the client opens up and entrusts me with his inner most secret desires. From the information provided I develop my individual and tailor-made play with the client.


I should therefore NEVER be asked upfront what I am going to do with you during a session and how the session will look like. I don´t know you yet and every human being has a different sense of pain and lust, everyone has a different background, different influences that have an effect on his fantasies. I will find out about all this in our personal conversation right before the actual session. I am lead by year-long experience, intuition and from your reactions towards the things I do to you, your facial expression or subtle gestures that you won´t even notice yourself.


Let go of everything, trust and follow me. Take a break from your everyday life and experience the unique feeling of mentally and physically belonging to me.

Latex / Rubber


  • Masks
  • Smelling Excercises
  • Tubes
  • Mummification in Rubber
  • Heavy Rubber Discipline
  • Rubber Transformation (Rubberdoll)
  • Latexbondage
  • Vacuum and blow up bags
  • Latex Straight Jackets
  • Rubber Clinic
  • Multiple Layers of Latex
  • Beginners Welcome

Other preferences


  • Bastinado / Flagellation
  • CBT & Nippel Torture
  • Roleplay
  • Feminization / Sissification
  • Classical English Discipline
  • Strict Governess
  • Anal Treatments
  • Clinic
  • Military Drill
  • Verbal Humiliation / Dirty Talk
  • GS & Spitting
  • PetPlay
  • Couples Welcome
  • Chastity
  • Bondage
  • Long-term stay

Please contact me in case your individual fantasy is not listed here.


Sexual contact, nudity, vomit, nylons, baby roleplay, caviar.

No session with a client under the influence of alcohol, drugs or drug-like substances.


In our preliminary talk before the session starts, it is mandatory for the client to inform about his taboos as well as any corporal or physical impairment that could have an impact on him/her during the session and/or that needs to be regarded - if necessary - with extreme caution. These are for example: cardiac pacemaker, medicine taken in connection with cardiac function, joint injuries, epilepsy, allergies, HIV, hepatitis, would healing dysfunction, blood clotting dysfunction, infectious and virus diseases, asthma, diabetes, traumata, ingestion of medicine like antibiotics, psychotropics, Viagra or blood diluters a. o.


In preparation for a session /appointment, please read and acknowledge my DISCLAIMER.